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Territory of ballet.


A photo-artist based in St. Petersburg, Russia.
Member of the Russian Union of Artists (IFA).
Member of The Russian Union of Art Photographes.
Winner of the title "Master" in the nomination "The Art of Photography" during the Festival of Contemporary Art "Master Class" (St. Petersburg. Russia), winner of 9 diplomas and incentive prizes of the international competition of professional photographers International Photography Awards 2007 (Los Angeles, US).
Winner of multiple prizes in the biggest professional photo contest TRIERENBERG SUPER CIRCUIT (Austria).
Gold medal in nomination Nude (2011).
Gold and silver medals in nominations MUSIC AND DANCE & Colour Slides & Digital Images General (2013).
Winner of The Best of Russia. 2014 contest in nomination Style.
Creator and art-director of an international photographers meeting Photovacation (www.photovacation.ru).
Official website www.alexkrivtsov.ru

In a first ten years of our century, Alex Krivtsov was a bright new star in a sky of art-photography. Times goes by, but he stays modern, fresh and inexhaustible in his talent. As adept of the classic art schools, he showed us a woman as she is  beautiful and natural in her nudity. He continues to base his work on literature and classical image. In his best art works of a light painting, he is very close to the Masters of Renaissance.  He is incredibly capable to see and to feel the best of our world.  We can see an incredible expressionistic effect in his diagonal compositions, when author do not afraid to use the touch of Ignatovich or Rodchenko. His masterpieces are balanced and composed with accuracy. Alex Krivtsov art works were highly appreciated by specialist in a capital of glamour Los Angeles (USA), where he won 9 diplomas and incentive prizes. Important thing that Alex Krivtsov stays an adept of honest and sincere photography. He stays aside of all new technologies which simplifies the truth of our lives and a truth of image.
The gold medal in the biggest professional photo contest TRIERENBERG SUPER CIRCUIT (Austria) shows us one more time the recognition of Alex Krivtsov in the world history of photography.

Anatoly Alexandrov
Curator of the project Contemporary art photography of Saint Petersburg
Chairman of The Russian Union of Art Photographers

Territory of Ballet

God gave me possibility to reveal a life as it is, where we can prove ourselves our strength, defeat our fears, scruples and a sorrow City with his streets, help us to fell this action, urban drive and union with the completely new world in its infinite variety. Miracles were born here. Beauty is here, we are spectators of newborn inspiration and fantasies. All this passing sensation leaves a light in our souls. A light which guides us through the territory of ballet.
Alex Krivtsov

In the photo-project, created by the author during the past 6 years, Alex Krivtsov managed to present us his unique photographs of ballet dancers, whose incredible grace and beauty seems to be woven in architecture of one of the beauties cities in the world St Petersburg. His fragile dancers are so natural and sincere in their dance that you cannot dare to say - I dont believe. Some of the best ballet dancers of St Petersburg and Russia participated in the realisation of this photo project with the author. They are bold, sexy, with an irreproachable ballet technique. In the frame, you will see incredible things happen, the city becomes a background to create images.

Nowadays, legal Ballet Territory are streets, yards, bridges, they help to each person to create their own dance. They inspire by the contrast of a landscape made of stone and iron and finesse of ballet movements. In each image we see, the author shows us a lightness of dancers, a passion of dance, the virtuosity of the talent and the Russian soul, which is able to soar anywhere, even if there is no place to soar ... Alex Krivtsov once again manages to amaze the audience by originality of a project and a high-class of his professional performance.

Alice Manky. Writer, psychologist

Territory of ballet it is a joy of creation, drive, sincerity, love, passion, contemplation All this we could feel on the streets of our city and explain you in ballet and photography. Ballet dancers changes their theatres for the streets of St Petersburg to dance, to show their thoughts and experience to the sky, city, people For what? To find their joy, inspiration, their personality.  We present on your judgement our artworks created during the period from 2008-2015.

Thank to participation :
Lyubov Andreeva, a soloist with the Eifman Ballet  www.eifmanballet.ru
Natalia Povoroznyuk, a soloist with the Eifman Ballet    www.eifmanballet.ru
Julian Manzeles, a soloist with the Eifman Ballet   www.eifmanballet.ru
Anastasia Kolegova, a soloist with the Mariinsky theatre
Oksana Bondareva, a soloist with the Mariinsky theatre
Zlata Jalinich, a soloist with the Mariinsky theatre
Viktoria Bryleva, a soloist with the Mariinsky theatre
Ilmyra Bagautdinova, a dancer with the Mariinsky theatre
Natalia Smirnova,  a dancer with the Eifman Ballet, a soloist with the SPBT of Constantin Tkachinin
Polina Gorbunova, a dancer with the Eifman Ballet   www.eifmanballet.ru
Aizhan Mukatova, a dancer with the Eifman Ballet  www.eifmanballet.ru
Angela Prokhorova, a dancer with the Eifman Ballet www.eifmanballet.ru
Ekaterina Mikheeva, a dancer with the SPBT of Constantin Tkachinin
German Shnaider, a dancer with the Mariinsky theatre
Alena Klochkova, a soloist with the WIENER STAATSBALLETT